Discover the Value of
Drone Videography

and Power of Great Storytelling

Altitude Adjustment can help you create engaging and effective video and microlearning content for your
'Modern Learners'!


Engaging-Video- Great-Storytelling

Engaging Video + Great Storytelling = Effective Learning

Great storytelling helps to motivate learners by delivering an engaging and relatable experience, and creating a stronger emotional connection to the subject matter.

Drones provide a cost effective and flexible platform to effectively capture dynamic perspectives.  Drone videography augments traditional ‘grounded’ video production methods.  When combined with great storytelling, our unique approach will dramatically increase the immersive experiences in your learning content.

We deliver value by utilizing the latest technology of drone platforms including headsets and indoor drones, combined with high quality cameras, to help you create Hollywood production quality videos at a fraction of the time and cost.

About Us

Altitude Adjustment can provide you with an end to end learning content video production solution.

We are passionate and experienced learning content development professionals that understand the importance of storytelling in learning. Our video production team will travel to your location to produce compelling content that drives engagement, changes behavior, and positively impacts the performance of your business.

Our Services

We will collaborate with your team to create video based learning content that delivers results.


Our Pilots FAA Certified and Insured

Altitude Adjustment Pilots are FAA Certified and Insured UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle- AKA Drone) operators, fully trained and vetted for the experience and qualifications best suited for your project.


Drone Videography

We use state of the art drone platforms with high quality cameras. During the shoot, we provide FPV (First Person View) goggles to allow you to sit in the co-pilot seat as the action is being recorded. We will work with you or your partners video team, and can also provide ‘grounded’ video production services.


Pre and Post Production

We partner with Performance Playbooks learning experts to offer pre-production Instructional Design support to collaborate with your team through the storyboarding and media planning phase. We provide post-production editing and finishing for incorporation into your learning content.

Our Focus

We focus on delivering effective video and microlearning solutions for modern learners in the following sectors…


Altitude Adjustment is based in Denver, Colorado.  Our resources will support your project anywhere in North America, both remotely and onsite, as required. Our mission is to provide deliverables that exceed your expectations, change your learners’ behaviors, and positively impacts your business.